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do not copy if you cannot paste!

A repost..
A popular motivational speaker was entertaining his audience. He said, "The best years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who wasn't my wife!"
The audience was in silence and shock.

The speaker added, "And that woman was my mother!"

Laughter and applause.

A week later, a top manager trained by the motivational speaker tried to crack this very effective joke at home. He was a bit foggy after a drink. He said loudly to his wife who was preparing dinner, "The greatest years of my life were spent in the arms of a woman who was not my wife!"

The wife went; "ah!" with shock and rage. Standing there for 20 seconds trying to recall the second half of the joke, the manager finally blurted out "....and I can't remember who she was!"

By the time the manager regained his consciousness, he was on a hospital bed nursing burns from boiling water

Moral of the story: Don't copy if you can't paste! LOL


  1. hahaha gaya gaya kasi eh.

    pro napa-huh! din ako dun line.ayos!

  2. amf! hahahaha
    natawa naman ako dun..
    copy cat kase eh..

  3. nice post parekoy!!!

    keep on blogging..

  4. yan ang napapala ng mga taong walng sariling diskarte..hehehe...gaya-gaya taya maya...

  5. napahagikhik ako..totoo!

    hayuf na diskarte..nabokya!

  6. haha, nice, very funny! You have a very good imagination on how to make your readers laugh. Hope you can join PEBA, by posting your entry soon.

  7. Kaya pinagbabawal ang PLAGARISM. :)

  8. hahahaha! napatumbling ako dun ah!

  9. hahahhaha... natusok tuloy ung inner cheek ko ng bakal sa ngipin :))


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